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Future Transfer Student

It is great news that you are looking to transfer to UNM. Future transfer students such as yourself can have a smooth and successful transition from your current 2 or 4-year college with these tips:

  • Visit with an academic advisor even if you are ready to transfer
  • Know that bachelor’s degree will differ from associate degree programs
  • Degrees may require specific courses within the NM Core
  • a UNM advisor can help students understand which courses can best satisfy both requirements.
  • UNM advisors are here to help you make decisions

You can find your advisor by going to Finding my Major page.

Other helpful tips to use in your planning are:

  • The Transfer Equivalency System (TES) (click on your 2 or 4-year college and find how your coursework will transfer in.
  • Here is a Transfer Plan Outline to help select courses in preparation for transfer.
  • Taking unofficial transcripts to a UNM advising appointment
  • Ask an advisor how a course not TES impacts you if you choose to enroll at UNM
  • Only lower-division credit (Freshmen & sophomore level) is accepted from two-year colleges
  • Know that all coursework from a New Mexico Public institution of higher education has been evaluated and is in TES
  • Transfer work from out-of- state institutions that are not currently in TES are evaluated by faculty and not staff advisors
  • See your advisor to initiate the transfer evaluation process.

Branch Transfer Students or Concurrently Enrolled in a Community College

Many of our transfer students take UNM courses while remaining at their UNM Branch campus or at a New Mexico community college, and often find this to be a good way to carefully transition into the UNM main campus. It is possible to complete your associate’s degree while attending both institutions. Keep in mind that students are required to follow the bachelor degree plan, which can impact financial aid requirements.